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Selamat datang! (means “Welcome”)

We are a team of dedicated and professional Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) native-speaker teachers based in Singapore. Teaching Bahasa Indonesia as a foreign language is our expertise. We have years of experiences to teach not only for individual, but also for professionals, private companies, and government agencies who want to learn Indonesian language.

To make it even better, we provide various types of learning Indonesian language modules which you can choose according to your needs. So, feel free to contact us at info@indotutors.com anytime. We will respond as soon as possible and you will be surprised to find out how fast and easy to learn Bahasa Indonesia with us at Indotutors Indonesian Language School

We are looking forward to speaking Bahasa Indonesia with you.

Why Learn Indonesian Language?


Sally is highly-regarded in Singapore as the trainer of the Bahasa Indonesia and has easily accumulated a wealth of experience in imparting the beautiful language to numerous professionals. As a case in point, Sally has since 2003 taught Bahasa Indonesia to top organisations both in the private and public sectors. She is a certified trainer who has obtained WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) (5th version) which provides her with the essential skills to deliver training and assessments across different industries.

She provides Indonesian language training pedagogies to a wide spectrum of professionals, ranging from engineers, civil servants, lawyers, bankers, academic professionals, medical practitioners as well as company directors and CEOs.

With years of teaching experience, Sally has created her own coursebook and continually updates her materials with latest studies, to meet more specific and wide-ranging requirements of her students. Besides being a language master, Sally is a true-blue entrepreneur with a great mind to creativity and design. As a graduate of Computer Studies, Sally holds dear to her heart a deep passion for web-designing and has personally created her own online business from scratch. Sally’s entrepreneurship and talent has certainly put her at a mark several notches higher than her contemporaries.

Agnes has been teaching Indonesian Language as a foreign language at a local university in Singapore since 2003. She received a Bachelor of Economics from Tarumanagara University in Jakarta, Indonesia and Master of Practising Accounting from Monash University, Australia. Prior to teaching Indonesian language, she taught accountancy and worked as an accountant in Indonesia. Her interest to teach Indonesian as a foreign language started since she resides in Singapore.

In August 2012, she, together with her colleagues, have published an Indonesian grammar textbook, which is used as a textbook for Indonesian level  1 in a local university. Agnes has also been teaching Bahasa Indonesia at various institutions both in the private and public sectors for more than a decade.

Elmida, is a native Indonesian native speaker, was graduated from Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya, Indonesia, majoring in Teacher Training and Education, English Department. She attended a professional training in the Pre-school Teaching in Modern Montessori International Pte Ltd, Singapore.

As her move to Singapore, she became an Indonesian language tutor in a local university since 2006. She actively involved in conducting Indonesian language training in both private and public sectors. She also involved in materials development.

Fenny graduated from Tarumanegara University, Jakarta in 1996 with a degree in Economics majoring in Accountancy. She worked in Jakarta for a short while with a timber trading company in Jakarta as Assistant Accountant before moving to Singapore with her Singaporean husband and two children.

Teaching young children has always been her passion and a fascination at the same time. She completed a certificate course in Early Childhood from RTRC Asia in 2008. Besides her passion for young children, she holds a strong attachment for Indonesia and is keen to share the Indonesian language and culture to all her friends and students.

Given her many years of experience in teaching different groups of students, Fenny has always ensured her classes were fun, interactive and appealing. She is also friendly, patient and willing to go the extra mile for each student. Her past assignments included teaching in classes,  corporate clients, holding management and professional positions.

Imelda graduated from Satya Wacana Christian University, majoring in English Pedagogy and Literature. She had been an English teacher for 12 years in Surabaya, her home town, before moving to Singapore in 2009.

She has been a part time Bahasa Indonesia teacher since 2009 and has a lot of fun teaching her mother tongue to students here in Singapore. In addition, she got her Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from a local institute in Singapore and has been teaching full time in a kindergarten since mid 2011.

Dewi received her Bachelor of Economics degree, with major in Management, from Satya Wacana Christian University in Salatiga, Indonesia (1995) and Master of Management, with major in Finance from Institute Business Indonesia in Jakarta (2000). Dewi has rich experiences in corporate world as she has worked in banking sector in Indonesia and MNC in Singapore.

She started to teach Indonesia language since 2003 in the church for people who did missionary work. Her teaching experiences grew professionally after she became Indonesian tutor in local university in Singapore. Since then she has clocked long hours of teaching experiences, with her clients including public and private sectors. Her students include people such as civil servants, doctors, nurses, professionals etc. Besides teaching, she had also developed teaching material by her own.

Dewi has built a good reputation in her teaching experiences. She has received various good feedbacks, either from her employer or students. They have commented that Dewi had engaged them in a lively, simple and interactive way.

Yanny is a witty person, she believes that learning a language must be enjoyable. She is graduated from tourism colleague in Jakarta and has been working in tourism industry for many years in Indonesia and Singapore.

Teaching is part of her passion since young, she started working as a tutor and teacher in local school Jakarta. Since 2012 she has been teaching Bahasa Indonesia as well as sharing about Indonesia rich cultures to foreigners in Singapore. During her working experience in some service industries, she also liaises with many nationalities from various business in Indonesia and Singapore, it will give more added values for her teaching in a fun and informative way.

Inneke was graduated from Petra Christian University in Surabaya, Indonesia with major of Marketing Management. Since 2005 she has been working as a reputable medical translator in Singapore and started teaching Bahasa Indonesia lesson for professionals (in group and private) in Singapore since 2010.

Currently, she teaches professionals with different backgrounds such as banking, property, trading, manufacturing, etc. On top of that, she is also a Bahasa Indonesia tutor in a local university. She believes that in every aspect of being a teacher, we should dedicate our hearts beyond the knowledge as it is not only the outcome that counts at the end of every lesson, but most important is the quality which is able to change people to be a better person.

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

She has always had a passion for teaching and helping people learn. She has been a tuition tutor ever since she was a teenager. After graduated with a Bachelor Degree from University of BINUS in Jakarta, she worked in the Retail Banking sector providing IT services for many years in Indonesia. She is experienced in implementing the new application systems and trained the end users, to make sure they are capable of running the systems.

For her church, also in Indonesia she is a catechism teacher to people with a wide age ranging from Primary 1 to senior citizens. She created the catechism curriculum, publishing the manual book for catechism teachers and she also trained these teachers.

Now living in Singapore, since 2001, she brings that passion and experience in teaching Bahasa Indonesia to professionals, always bringing out the best in her students through her encouraging teaching style. She offered her services as translator and interpreter in English into Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa.

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