Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose Indotutors Indonesian Language School?

  • Experienced, Qualified and Dedicated Tutors
  • Registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore.
  • We have a long history of teaching Bahasa Indonesia and culture.
  • Structured course book. At Indotutors Indonesian Language School we produce Indonesian course books we use to teach in class. These have been developed by us over many years to ensure our teachers’ training, our teaching methods and study materials all work together to ensure your language learning is as easy and successful as possible. We regularly update our books’ content and format to improve them even further.
  • Indotutors believe in achieving the best results in the shortest time, and we leverage on online technologies to deliver our services to clients around the world. Depending on the needs of the clients, we provide customized packages accordingly from basic to business Bahasa Indonesia.
  • We can offer a range of courses throughout the year which are varied, flexible, and which adapt to your needs.
  • We have small class sizes and zero hidden cost.
  • We are conveniently located in the central area, 1 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar mrt.
  • Our course fee is always the same, from basic to advanced, therefore the higher you learn, the more you save.

2. What is the course progression in your centre?

    Bahasa Indonesia for General Purpose.
    There are total of 6 levels to be completed:
    1. Elementary Indonesian
    2. Intermediate 1 Indonesian
    3. Intermediate 2 Indonesian
    4. Intermediate 3 Indonesian
    5. Advanced 1 Indonesian
    6. Advanced 2 Indonesian
    Duration for each level is 36 hours (2 hours per session), you can opt to study once or twice a week.
    2 hours per lesson, once a week = complete the course in 18 weeks
    2 hours per lesson, twice a week = complete the course in 9 weeks
    2 hours per lesson, thrice a week = complete the course in 6 weeks

For the ones who prefer short courses, we have divided our Elementary course into 2 courses as follow:
1. Elementary Indonesian – Basic 1 (18 hours)
2. Elementary Indonesian – Basic 2 (18 hours)
Once you have completed Basic 1 and Basic 2 courses, it is equal to our Elementary Indonesian program of 36 hours.

After completion of Elementary Indonesian Basic 1 and Basic 2, students could continue to Intermediate 1 Indonesian and so on.

We also have these following courses:
1. Business Bahasa Indonesia – Basic 1
2. Business Bahasa Indonesia – Basic 2

3. How do I register?

    Please register online, click here. If you have difficulty to submit the registration form online, please kindly email us at info@indotutors.com, we will email you the registration form.

4. How do I suggest my preferred timeslot?

    You can suggest your preferred timeslot, please contact us. We will get back to you on the availability of the course timeslot.

5. How do I make payment?

  • Cash: Walk-in (by appointment only)
  • Cheque: The cheque should be made payable to INDOTUTORS INDONESIAN LANGUAGE SCHOOL
  • Internet Banking: funds transfer to our DBS or UOB account.
  • We regret that we do not accept credit card or NETS payment at this moment.

6. What is the maximum number of students in a class?

    There is a maximum of 10 students per class, often there are less students in a class. Average class size is 4-6 students. This good class size enables us to really focus on our students. Having a small class also allows more meaningful and deeper interactions between students and the tutor and thus creating a more conducive environment for learning and questioning.

7. Are there make-up classes available for the classes that I missed?

    Yes, we will give you 6 times complimentary make up lessons if only there are other newer classes than your current class. You have to fill up make up lesson request form as early as possible so that we can arrange your make up lesson (subject to seat availability in that class).

8. I have studied bahasa Indonesia before. How do I know which level is suitable for me?

    We offer a placement test including interview to find out which level is suitable for you. Please kindly contact us.

9. Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

    Yes, we will issue you a certificate of attendance at the end of each course. However, please be reminded that you have to meet the criteria of at least 70% attendance rate.

10. Is there any government grant available for the courses offered at your school?

    Yes, all of our courses are covered under the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC). You could find more information about this grant, please click here. We advise you to check with your HR or the person-in-charge in your company regarding this matter as Indotutors Indonesian Language School is not in a position to apply for this grant on your behalf.
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