Why Learn Indonesian ?

1. Indonesia is 4th largest population in the world.

With over 260 million people living in Indonesia, it’s the 4th largest population in the world. The national language of Indonesia is Indonesian language, also known as Bahasa Indonesia. It is used throughout the country, from big cities to small villages in the remote island. Majority of Indonesians cannot speak other languages beside Indonesian language and their respective local dialects.
Indonesian language is similar with Malay language because it shared its root from Malay language. Malay language is used in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore, with over 70 million people as native speakers. Many Indonesians live and/or work, have relatives and/or business connections in Malaysia and Singapore, so Indonesian language plays a significant role in these countries. All together, the total number of Indonesian language speakers are huge. The potentials for market, business, trades and resources are almost unlimited.

2. Indonesia is a large tropical country with rich cultural diversities, natural resources and strategic geography.
With over 14.000 island, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. With over 300 ethnic groups, it is the most diversed. It is also the largest country in South East Asia, thus it’s significant role in the area, reflected by its position at ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).
It is tropical, located around the equator line, with warm comfortable temperature throughout the years. It has many volcanoes, making it rich with minerals and fertile soil, just like Brazil on South America. It has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and one of the emerging market economies of the world. A member of G-20 countries, with its major economies being classified as a newly industrialized country.

3. Indonesian language is the easiest language in the world.
Barry Faber is an American radio talk show host, book author and language-learning enthusiast. In 2002, industry publication Talkers magazine ranked him the 9th greatest radio talk show host of all time, he speaks 26 language and wrote book “How to Learn Any Language” said that Indonesian language is the easiest language in the world which he learned within eight days from a bilingual Indonesian speaker on the deck of a ship (usually common learners need 2-3 months).

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4. Indonesia is one of the world’s best tourist destinations.
With its tropical climate, warm comfortable temperatures all year long, it is one of the world’s best tourist destinations.
One of the best island is Bali
One of the beautiful beach is Lombok
One of the best sea biodiversity is Bunaken
One of the best diving spot is Raja Ampat
One of the best sunrise spot is Mt. Bromo
The biggest reptile only lives in Komodo Island, one of the new 7 wonders of nature

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5. Indonesia have Free Visa Policy for 169 countries.
As of 21 March 2016, citizens from 169 countries can visit Indonesia for 30 days free, with Visa on arrival, at major airports and harbours.

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Why Indotutors Indonesian Language School?

1. Indotutors Indonesian Language School has all native speakers educators, with respective credentials and many years of education experiences.
(other schools are usually being taught by non native speakers or native speakers but without or less teaching experiences)

2. Indotutors Indonesian Language School is registered as first Indonesian Language School with the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE).
(other Indonesian language schools are usually not registered)

3. Indotutors Indonesian Language School only offer Indonesian language classes as this is our specialty. We focus to deliver the best.
(other language schools are usually teach many languages or just conversational, lack of grammar and sentence structure, resulting the students to memorize the conversation, not able to create their own sentence properly.)

4. Indotutors Indonesian Language School has its own exclusive study materials, from elementary to advanced levels, and very effective curriculum, as proven by thousands of students.
(other schools are usually only have elementary level without clear path to the next level)

5. Indotutors Indonesian Language School has developed rich, interactive and engaging learning experience, that’s as fun and as easy, and with cultural approach. This enables students to learn not just the language, but also its culture and customs.
(other schools may not have structured their courses resulting ineffective language learning experience.)

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