1. Translation Service

If you are a publisher, a writer, or a simple administration worker who catch the pain of having to translate your manuscripts for Indonesian market or Indonesian speaking community, leave it to us translate it for you. Email us with the detail of your manuscript: the word count, the genre, and the demographic of your reader and the deadlines. You can be sure that it will be done before you know it.

Available languages choices:

  • English – Indonesian
  • Indonesian – English
  • Indonesian – French
  • French – Indonesian
  • Indonesian – Chinese
  • Chinese – Indonesian
  • Other language pairs available upon request.

2. Linguistic Proficiency Assessment
We provides Indonesian language assessment for the staffs in the companies and/or organizations who wish to gauge their linguistic proficiency. The type of assessments can be for general proficiency or custom designed to cater for specific purposes.

3. Interpreters
To assist you during real-time events where communication across languages is needed.

4. Proofreading service
For all documents.

Please contact us at or call us at 82887890 for more details.

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